Friday 16.05.2014_ 

I’m presenting a Masterclass (25th May 2014 _ 12:30h) and a two-part curated screening Penetrating Surfaces (Part 1: 24th May 2014 _ 21:00h, Part 2: 25th May 2014 _ 19:00h) at the Film Museum Vienna in cooperation with the Vienna Independent Shorts. The two screenings feature more than 30 artists from early digital films to world-premiering works by Zeitguised and Kim Asendorf reflecting on the materially-inherent aesthetic potential of the digital image. For the full artist list and concept click here: Penetrating Surfaces PDF

Thursday 15.05.2014_ 

The 16th backup festival (Weimar, Germany) shows a special program of my work as part of the opening of the festival on May 21st, 19:00.

Friday 09.05.2014_ 

A chiral installation at Abstraktion + Metapher exhibition at Forum Konkrete Kunst (Peterskirche Erfurt, Germany, May 10 to June 29 2014).

Tuesday 01.04.2014_ 

Documentation for the permanent video installation grapheme at Museum Wiesbaden is online now. It is part of the new south wing of the Museum Wiesbaden's collection of the Old Masters.

Monday 17.03.2014_ 

My work will be part of FILM COLOGNE, a new sector for video art at upcoming ART COLOGNE (April 10 – 13, 2014). Courtesy of 401contemporary.

Friday 07.03.2014_ 

I'm going to perform at DAF Festival on Sunday 9th March with musician Alexandre Rottoli at Atelier CENC in Geneva. There will also be a talk at HEAD (Geneva University of Art and Design) on the 11th...

Tuesday 18.02.2014_ 

scrape is part of Stop. Look. Listen., a screening at La Gaîté Lyrique (Paris, 18th February to 20th April 2014).

Monday 17.02.2014_ 

Künstlerhaus Bethanien are showing a preview of my upcoming screening programme Penetrating Surfaces with the film Peripheries of bodies (2012) by Swiss artist Yves Netzhammer (17th February to 5th March 2014). More on the screening soon...

Monday 27.01.2014_ 

A variation of folds will be part of the show "The shape of time - part 1" at Kreuzberg Pavillon (2nd February 2014, Berlin) together with works by Annika Hippler and Sophia Pompéry.

Tuesday 10.12.2013_ 

Berlin-based Revolver (Zeitschrift für Film) issue Nr. 29 is in store now, featuring an interview between David OReilly and myself. We talk about abstracted narration and the narrative abstract under the wonderful guidance of Zsuzsanna Kirŕly and Daniel Ebner.

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